“Tell-All” Video DESTROYS Keto, Low-Carb, Low-Fat, And Other Restrictive Diets And Shows You How To Burn Fat, Grow Lean Musle, And Keep Your Physique Year-Round

WITHOUT Cutting Anything Out Of Your Diet Or Spending Hours In The Gym.

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Here’s what’s inside this 20-minute video training:

  • A 3-Part fitness approach that men and women are using to MELT off fat, GROW lean muscle and KEEP their new physiques year-round... WITHOUT cutting anything out of their diet or spending hours in the gym.
  • ​A never-before-seen breakdown of the ‘Triple Evolution Protocol,’ that is helping busy men and women get lean and build muscle without restrictive diets
  • ​The dreaded “Rebound Factor:” What it is and how to avoid it so you don’t lose all the results you worked so hard for
  • Why most diets and exercise plans seen on social media or elsewhere actually have a secret failure rate
  • ​Why some people can eat desserts, pizza, candy bars and more and STILL see better results than those who follow restrictive diets (it has NOTHING to do with metabolism)
  • ​How I create nutrition and training plans that help normal people ACTUALLY hit their goals (even if you’re busy and can’t go to the gym every day)
Hi. I’m Damen -- a Dad, a Bodybuilder, and an Entrepreneur.

I’m a two time Super League Competitor and a Bang Energy Sponsored Athlete. I’ve been training seriously since the age of 14 and worked as a highly in-demand coach since 20.

Over the course of 8 years, I’ve helped over 20,000 people to reach their best physique and keep their new bodies for life.

Recently I’ve developed a new formula that allows clients to reach their goals faster without spending hours on doing boring cardio and daunting calorie counting.